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Things you need to know
Ill explain the rules

Okay for raiding we give our members options.

Option #1: You can join our guild expo led by an admin(Will have loot master), with this, you will gain points and have access to call items that are in our GS. YOU ARE TO STAY IN EXPO UNTIL ALL CHESTS ARE COLLECTED!!
You will earn:
  • DDF Runs: 4 Points
  • ML HC: 3 points
  • ML N: 3 points
  • HG HC: 3 points
  • KA HC: 6 points
  • KA N : 6 points.
Members will also receive bonuses for charms: Just tell an admin how much youre charmed and you will receive the following.

20%charm: .2points
50%charm:.5 points
100% charm: 1 point
Easy GT: 1 point
Medium GT: 2 points
Hard GT: 3 points

Option #2 You can choose not to join expo's but you will not gain any points towards items in GS.
If you want to stop raiding in expo and raid by yourself then feel free too, but all the points you currently hold will drop back down to 0


For our items our system s a little different from other guilds:
Rules for items
Must be within your class you are using to raid or w/e (I.E, Glads can't call godly ML WL pants)
If a item has multiple calls, we will take the people with the 3 highest raid points and it will go to a public vote that the whole guild will do.
The winner of the item will have the points that the item is worth subtracted from his guild total. (so its not always the same 3 people)
  • ML Armor is worth 50 points per item!
  • ML Weapons are worth 70 points per item
  • 70 blue weps are worth 1 point
  • DDF Hats/Boots are worth 20 points
  • DDF Top/Pants/Weps are worth 50 points
  • DDF Jewels are worth 75 points.
  • DDF A cards 50 points.
  • ML Jewels will be worth 150 points
  • Bracelets are worth 60 points
We will hand out items ONCE a week.
Sundays at 13:00 GMT.If you can't be on send a admin a PM
If multiple people call the same drops, we will hold an anonymous vote for 30 mins. then the person with the most votes gets it

Treat your fellow members with RESPECT